A list of forms on this page is for IIB students usage of IIB. Any unauthorised copying is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by the Principal Executive Officer of IIB.
Below are some of the commonly used forms, If you are unsure or the form related to your circumstance or it is not listed below; please contact the college on  02 8072 7651 or email to: admin@iib.edu.au

List of Forms

Application for Enrolment 

Change of Details Form

Application for refund

Amendment of Enrolment Form (For withdrawal, deferral, transfer and suspension requests)

Student General Feedback Form

Internal Appeal Form

External Appeal Form

IIB Skills Recognition Application Form

Manuals and Handbooks

ELICOS Orientation

VET Orientation

International Student Handbook for ELICOS 

International Student Handbook for VET

VET USI Guide Manual

RTOM Student Portal Guide

Moodle Course Manual

Moodle Assessment Submission Manual for VET

VET Online Learning via Moodle and MS Teams Guide

Critical Incident & Campus Safety Guide for Teachers


Events & Activities

New Qualifications Added into Scope

We are excited to announce that IIB has added new qualifications into scope in the fields of information technology and management.


Vivid festival

Vivid festival- once a year Sydney changes to a city of lights. Our students use that opportunity to see Australia’s...


Museum excursion

Our English teacher Angela believes that art can speak many languages...