About us

We are a Sydney-based Business and English College, situated in the centre of beloved Sydney city, Australia. At Institute of Intellect Blending (IIB), every student is our value and long-term asset.   We have a high standard of education here at IIB and offer students all English, Business, and project management courses and more will be coming. Our Departments work together in ensuring the education and learning experiences students have are of a very high quality.

We have a great history in providing high quality education catering for individual needs and preparing young people from around all over the world for the best of opportunities vocational education.

Our success rate for student’s progression is considerably high as we possess a close to perfect student academic support system and proven procedure, our well-known pastoral care approaches and students are really looked after here. For ELICOS students, we also offer a huge array of activities and extra-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom to learn “outside of the box” and experience our contemporary Australian culture.

Our guidance Counsellor is available to all students anytime and our face-to-face and eLearning timetable provides maximum flexibility for learners to accommodate their commitment without stress. Furthermore, our patient and highly qualified trainers/teachers who have ability to inspire with positive approach to ensure learners will always enjoy the best learning experience with us.

We are glad to advise and answer any questions if you wish to contact us on 1300 378 839 (within Australia) or email to admin@iib.edu.au.

Why IIB?

Staff Capabilities

Our trainers, assessors and teachers are qualified in their respective disciplines and are required by us to maintain regular professional development activities. We also provide students ample opportunity to assess the training, assessment and teaching of our academic staff to make sure that we can adapt to student learning styles and the characteristics of different classes and cohorts of learners. This is good for students, good for trainers and teachers, and good for the college. The academic training, assessing or teaching you will highlight the expectations of each unit that you study and the assessment timeline and submission methods. They will support you in your learning. Our academic staff enjoy teaching and love dealing with international students; they are passionate and happy. We hope you will find your experience with them positive and useful.

Industry Engagement

The college courses are considered generic business courses that cover a variety of topics. The English language courses are selected to allow students to assess and enhance their level of English, which may assist them in future study. We are not associated with any industry body or group, do not have work placements or access to job opportunities. While we will be glad to provide students with academic support and to review CV’s or resumes, we do not have any unique or special position in the market in terms of work. The college will contact industry practioners from time to time and seek industry consultation about its courses, which may help inform some of the learning and assessment materials we use.

Student Centric Teaching

Student Centric Teaching (SCT) is a style of teaching, training and assessment that the college believes in and attempts to practice in its courses. Using this method of teaching, we try to focus on the learning needs of students, their learning styles and the teaching environment available in the college to evaluate what students do, not just what the trainer or the teacher does. This style of teaching can improve how students learn. It can often make students feel more comfortable in class and in interactive with on another, and with the trainer or the teacher. At IIB, we try out best to apply this pedagogical principle to how our staff teach. This is done by understanding student backgrounds, language skills, learning styles, career aspirations and preferences and embedding them in classroom teaching process. We hope that an opportunity for you to experience our student centric teaching will arise.

Learning Environment

The learning environment in our college is down to earth, homely and friendly. Given the relatively small size of IIB, the opportunity to know everybody by first name, to get things done and to feel comfortable is enhanced. We do not have any specific software, tools or hardware that is over and above the standard classroom. We focus on equipping our classrooms with everything that is necessary and nothing that is not, so we reflect the reality of what it is like in business environments. In a business environment, companies only buy what they need. Our classrooms are fully equipped, are comfortable, well-lit and friendly in layout. We do not have laboratories or unique technologies, but rely on good, time-proven teaching, training and assessment to hopefully produce successful and well-rounded graduates from our courses. We like to keep things real and down to earth.


Meet our outstanding staff working hard every day to ensure the highest customer happiness.

David Kannane
ELICOS coordinator, Australia

David comes from Sydney and grew up in Manly and now lives in Five Dock. He taught with the Education Department from 1993 to 2005, and has been teaching ELICOS since then. He has also taught in Thailand and the UK. David studied at Sydney University and really loves teaching. He enjoys learning about different cultures and countries.

Dr Eugene Lim
Campus Manager, Malaysia

He brings to IIB more than 20 years of education experience giving him a good insight into the special pedagogic requirements of students from international backgrounds. Dr. Lim is observed as being a passionate educator who thrives in seeing students progress well in their learning excellence and pragmatic outcomes.

Winnie Zheng
Admission officer, China

Winnie is the admissions officer at IIB, and with an overseas background, who has studied and worked in Sydney for a few years, can resonate and empathise with the needs and feelings of international students. She will always ensure that our students receive the best care. She enjoys working at IIB, as we are a big family.

Tak Koh Chow
Student Engagement Officer, Fiji

As a former international student, he feels that he can be more understanding towards the problems that an international student goes through, this understanding allows him to be able to advocate for them in an equitable manner and help find solutions to their problems.