Applications for admission for students on a student visa must be made using the Application for enrolment – international students. Students must complete the Application for enrolment and send the completed application to IIB along with supporting documents. Completed Application for enrolment is processed by IIB and the application assessed on the basis of the information supplied. The participants for each program offered by IIB will be selected in a manner that reflects access and equity principles. Completion of the Application for enrolment does not imply that IIB will make an offer to the student. When prospective students apply to enter IIB to study, the following procedure applies:

English Language Requirements

All international students should be able to meet the English requirements as required under the assessment level and country of passport of the student by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Further information available on www.border.gov.au

IIB accepts the scores from International English Language Test Score (IELTS), PTE Academic Entry or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as below:  

Overall band score of 5.5


Applicants whose English results falls below above score will need to enrol in an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS).  Arrangements will be made for the student to complete the ELICOS course with one of our associate providers at the student’s expense.

Assessing Australian Equivalency Of Academic Qualification(S)

Overseas academic qualifications presented to IIB for admission by and international student are assessed for equivalency as per the below table:

Year 12 Equivalent For Admission Into IIB Courses*

Australia Australian Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
Argentina Bachillerato/Tecnico de Nivel Medio/Bachillerato Especializado
Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate/vocational higher secondary GCE A-Level
Bhutan Bhutan Higher Secondary School Certificate  or Middle Secondary School Certificate plus 2 year relevant vocational diploma
Brazil Certificado/diploma de Ensino (Year 12 equivalent) Medio
Brunei Brunei Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (Brunei-Cambridge A level)
Cambodia Diploma of Upper Secondary Education/Baccalaurate
Canada High School Diploma
Chile Licencia de Educación Media (Certificate of Secondary Education Certificate) Tecnico- Profesional or Tecnico
China General Senior Secondary Unified Graduation (Certificate of Graduation)
Colombia Bachiller or Bachillerato (Secondary School Certificate) + further 1 year at vocational institution or university
Cuba Diploma de Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras/Título de Bachiller (nivel medio superior de la Education General Politecnica Laboral)
– Certificado de Fin de Estudios Secundarias/Técnico Medio/Maestro Primario, etc. (Certificado de Fin de Estudios Secundarias)
Czech Republic Maturita (Matriculation Certificate)/School Leaving Certificate
Denmark Studentereksamensbevis (Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Egypt General Secondary Education Certificate, Al-Azhar Secondary Education Certificate, Technical Secondary Education Certificate, Commercial Secondary Certificate or the Agriculture Secondary Certificate
Fiji Fiji Form 7 Examination/
Fiji School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)
Finland Ylioppilastutkintotodistus  (Certificate of Matriculation) Secondary School Leaving Certificate
France Baccalaureat/Brevet professionelles
Germany Achgebundene Hochschulreife/Fachgebundene Hochschulreife (Leaving Certificate) or Zeugnis der Reife  or Reifezeugnis or Abitur or Fachhochschulreife
Greece Apolytirio Lykeiou  (Leaving certificate)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) or Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE)
Hungary Gimnaziumi Erettsegi Bizonyitvany, / Gymnasium Maturity Certificate
India All India Senior School Certificate or Indian School Certificate or Certificate of Vocational Education or Senior Secondary Certificate or State Boards of Secondary/Senior Secondary Education certificates, GCE A-Levels
Indonesia Certificate of Completion of Senior Secondary Education (Ijazah/STTB SMA/STTB SMK) or Certificate of Graduation (SKHUN)
Ireland Leaving Certificate/GCE A Levels
Israel Teudat Bagrut (High School Certificate)
Italy Diploma liceale OR Diploma di istruzione tecnica (Technical Education Diploma) OR Diploma di istruzione professionale, Vocational Education Diploma OR Diploma di superamento dell’esame di stato conclusivo dei corsi di istruzione secondaria superiore (Upper Secondary School leaving certificate)
Japan Upper Secondary School Certificate of Graduation (Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shosho
Jordan Twajihi (General Secondary Education Certificate)
Kenya Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)  or GCE A level – 2 passes
Lebanon Baccalaureat Libanaise or Baccalaureat Technique/ Technicien or Certificat Professione/ de Maltrise/Technicien
Macau Senior Secondary School Diploma Year 12,  or GCE A Level, or Form 6
Malaysia STPM Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or GCE A Levels -, UEC successful completion
Mauritius GCE A-level
Mexico 2-3 year Preparatoria or Bachillerato program
Myanmar Matriculation/Basic Education High School (BEHS) plus minimum completed 2 years at Professional College or Secondary Technical College or GCE A
Nepal Higher Secondary Education Board Certificate (Grade 12)
New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)
Netherlands Voorbereidend wetenschappelljk onderwijs (Diploma VWO) or Hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs  (Diploma HAVO)
Nigeria Senior Secondary School (WAEC/NECO) examinations or GCE A Levels
Norway Vitnemal fra den videregaende skolen (Certificate from upper secondary school)
Oman School Leaving Certificate
Pakistan Higher Secondary School Certificate/ Intermediate Certificate
Papua New Guinea Higher School Certificate
Peru Certificado de Educación Secundaria Común Completa (Secondary Common Education Graduation Certificate) plus a Technical Diploma or entrance to University
Philippines High School Diploma or a Certificate of Graduation + two years of bachelor degree
Poland Matura Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Liceum Ogolnoksztalcacego (Certificate of Matriculation of the General Lyceum)
Portugal Certificado de Fim de Estudios Secundarios or Diploma de 12 Ano de Escolaridad (Secondary Certificate)
Russia Attestat o Srednem (polnom) Obshchem Obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary / General Education)
Saudi Arabia Shahadat al-thanawiyyah al-‘aama or shahadat al-marhalat al-thanawiyyat (General Secondary Education Certificate) Form 7 or University Foundation Year
Singapore GCE A-levels
Slovakia Maturitni Vysvedceni/Maturitnej Vysvedcenie (Matriculation Certificate)
Slovenia Spričevalo o poklicni mature or Spričevalo o poklicni mature or Svidetelstov zo polozen zavresen
South Africa National Senior Certificate (Year12) Senior Certificate (Year 12) GCE A-Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma
South Korea General/Academic Senior High School Certificate/Diploma (Immumgye Kodung Hakkyo Choeupchang)
Spain Titulo de Bachiller
Sri Lanka GCE A-levels
Sweden Slutbetyg Från Gymnasieskola
Switzerland Federal Maturity Certificate/ Maturitätszeugnis, Certificat de Maturité/ Attestato di Maturità
Taiwan Senior High School Diploma or Senior Vocational School Diploma
Thailand Matayom 6 or MS 6. (Certificate of Secondary Education)
Turkey Lise Diplomasi (Secondary
School Diploma Technical or Vocational School Diploma (Teknik or Meslek Lise Diplomasi)
United Arab Emirates Tawjihiyya or Thanawiyya Al-A’ama (General Secondary Certificate), Technical Secondary School Certificate, Commercial Secondary School Certificate or Certificate from an Agriculture Institute
UK GCE A-Levels
Venezuela Educacion Media – Academic or Tecnico (Medio), Bachillor
Vietnam Bang Tot nghiep Trung hoc Pho thong (Upper Secondary Education Graduation Diploma)
Zambia ZSC Year 12 GCE A-Levels  or A-levels or Diploma in relevant area (1 year minimum)
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe General Certificate of Education at Advanced Levels (A Levels or International Baccalaureate Diploma)

* This is not an exhaustive list, admission officer must contact the Principal Executive Officer if the applicant has presented educational documents from countries not listed in above table before accepting the student into IIB courses

Assessing Claimed Work Experience

If an applicant is using work experience for the purposes of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and or admission into IIB course, admission officer must ensure all claimed work experience is relevant to the qualification being applied for and be within the last 2 years of date of application.

The applicant must submit a CV along with reference letter on official company letterhead providing contact details of the employer. If in doubt about the authenticity of the submitted employment reference, admission officer must contact the past employer before issuing any letter of offer to the student.


Admission Officer will follow the following step by step process once completed application along with all supporting documents are received either from the applicant directly or from his/her education agent:

  1. All the required information is completed on the application form including signature of applicant and date.
  2. Assesses the applicant’s previous educational qualification(s) (either obtained in Australia or overseas) necessary for studying at the required level of the proposed qualification.
  3. The applicant is also assessed to determine whether they meet the required entry level qualification(s) for the particular qualification in which they wants to enroll.
  4. Applicant’ s English language skills (language and literacy) will be assessed. If student has a satisfactory score in IELTS, TOEFL or PTE Academic, the applicant will be admitted to his/her chosen course. Refer to the Policy on Assessing English Language Proficiency (International Students)
  5. If an applicant cannot produce evidence of a satisfactory English score, and there are doubts their English language skills being sufficient to cope in an academic environment, the applicant will be required to sit an English test (at the student’s expense) or to enrol in an English (ELICOS) course for an appropriate duration until the applicant achieves the required English score.
  6. In a situation where the student can demonstrate that he or she can communicate in English but cannot produce any formal English qualification as described above, then the student will be required to complete an English language test in Melbourne.
  7. Details of the student entered into the student management system.
  8. Applicant and/or the education  will be sent an offer letter by the admission’s officer generated from student management system

Applicants wishing to accept the offer must pay the fee requested in the letter of offer. Once the fee is received by IIB along with signed student agreement, the admission officer will:

  1. Ensure the student agreement is duly signed and dated by the applicant
  2. An Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) is generated from PRISMS and sent to the Student/education agent to facilitate the issuing of a student visa. Applicants must then apply for a student visa at their Australian Student Visa issuing centre and make travel arrangements to Australia once the student visa is granted.
  3. Soft copy of the eCOE is saved on IIB drive and student management system updated
  4. Administration Manager will do an internal audit on an ongoing basis for the applications finalised during the week to ensure all applications have required supporting documents and the application form and student agreements are duly signed and dated.
  5. Any discrepancies found during the process will be immediately rectified by the Admissions officer

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